Modular DC HVPS

Models from 0-10kVDC through 0-75kVdc (Front panel controls)

Features :

  • Models 0-10kVDC through 0-75kV DC60W
  • High reliability, High Stability
  • Premium Performance,Low cost
  • Compact & Portable
  • Low stored energy
  • Models without panel meters for remote operation available
  • OEM Customisation Available

Typical applications :

  • Electrospinning
  • Hipot Testing
  • Detector Arrays
  • Electrophoresis
  • Cable Testing

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Divotech’s MF Series of 60 watt high voltage power supplies are air insulated, fast response units, with precise regulation and low arc discharge currents. The robust design of MF Series along with comprehensive arc and short circuit protection allow operation in the most demanding environments.


Input voltage
230V ±10% AC, 50Hz, single phase / 24V DC
Output Voltage *
0 to 10/20/30/40/50/60/70/75kV DC
Output Current *
0 to 6 mA
Available with either positive, negative with respect to chassis ground.
Output voltage regulation
Line - < 0.05 % for 10% variation in input voltage Load - < 0.05% for 10 to 100% load variation
Output Voltage Stability
< 0.01%/hour after 1 hour warm up
Output Voltage ripple
0.05 % RMS of rated voltage at full load
Regulating Mode
Constant Voltage/Constant Current
Voltage &Current Control
By external 10 turn potentiometers with lockable counting dials.
Against overload, over voltage, short- circuit and arc: During short circuit, power supply trips and it is to be manually reset to restart
Front Panel
AC Power ON/OFF switch with indication HV ON/OFF switch with indication 3½ digit voltage and current meters 10 turn potentiometers for voltage and current control Constant volt
Model No Output Voltage OutputCurrent
MF10*6 0 - 10kV 0 - 6mA
MF20*3 0 - 20kV 0 - 3mA
MF30*2 0 - 30kV 0 - 2mA
MF40*1.5 0 - 40kV 0 - 1.5mA
MF50*1.2 0 - 50kV 0 - 1.2mA
MF60*1 0 - 60kV 0 - 1mA
MF70*0.8 0 - 75kV 0 - 0.8mA
* Add P for a Positive polarity unit or N for a Negative polarity unit. eg: part number for a 50kV positive unit: MF50P1.2
Back Panel
AC power input connector with fuse, HV output connector and ground stud
High frequency switch mode
Dimensions for 60W HVPS
With front panel meters: 127mm (H)*254mm (W)*280mm (D)
Remote control(without meters): 127mm (H)*254mm (W)*230mm (D Cooling: Forced air
AC input connector: 250V, 15A power chord Output cable: 1.5 meters of HV DC cable
Operating temp: 0 to + 45 degrees at 20- 90% RH, non-condensing; Storage temp: -20 to 70 oC Storage humidity: 10-90% RH (non-condensing)
One Year

*Optional to be specified by the user For voltages not listed above, please contact our sales team. Note: All Specifications are subject to change without notice