High Voltage DC Power Supplies are utilized for a broad range of applications in commercial, defence and research markets. High voltage DC power supply technology is utilized in processes and instruments that improve society and the lives of people around the world on a daily basis. Divotech is proud of its role in the DC power supply field and looks forward to providing leading-edge technology that supports the evolution of industry and science in the 21st Century.

Typical applications where Divotech provides technology include:

Industrial Processes

Vacuum thin film electron beam coating
E-beam welding and material processing
Electrostatics (coating, oiling, separating)
Electrospinning of nanofibers
Electrostatic colour printing
Microwave processing
Cable and insulation breakdown testing
Thickness gauging Plasma and corona treating
Electron-beam Evaporation
Ion Sources
DC Magnetron Sputtering
Glow Discharge

Inspection / Test Equipment

Non Destructive Testing(NDT)
Capacitor testing
CRT Display testing
Cable line fault testing
TWT testing
Hi-Pot testing
Dielectric Breakdown Testing;

Semiconductor Fabrication Equipment

Ion Implantation
Physical Vapor Deposition
Electron Beam Lithography

Analytical Instrumentation

Mass Spectrometers
X-ray Fluorescence
Electro kinetics


Particle Accelerators
Free Electron Lasers
Neutron Sources
Cyclotron Sources
Marx Generators
Capacitor Chargers

Other Notable

Flight simulators
Klystrons/Magnetrons for Microwave Heating and RF Amplifiers
Nanotechnology applications
Electrostatics Applications
There are virtually hundreds of Applications where Divotech’s High Voltage technology can be utilized and we are proud to contribute in the DC power supply field.

Custom Capabilities:

Divotech has flexibility in electrical and mechanical design so that we can offer our customers’ custom product designs that are tailored specifically to their application requirements, should a standard product not suffice. If you are unable to find what you are looking for from the product catalog, please feel free to contact Divotech sales at +91 9618613567 or 9940151592 or e-mail at